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Bizarre Photovoltaic Solar Energy Inventions Around the World

1. Photovoltaic solar energy glider

You've probably heard a lot about solar cars, but have you heard about solar airplanes? Now, the fantasy becomes a reality at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center in Edwards, California. This is Pathfinder, a solar-powered, remote-controlled glider.

The Pathfinder claims to be fully solar-powered and capable of flying long distances and at high altitudes, but it currently flies at just 15 miles per hour.

In the future, there may be flying fleets that can stay aloft for weeks or even months on scientific sampling or observation missions. Pathfinder is the pioneers of this plan.

2. Photovoltaic solar energy scooter

Terry Hope was recently distressed because he worked on an 88-foot boat, but his means of transportation, a standard electric motorcycle, wasn't allowed on board unless he could fit it into a suitcase and didn't charge it with the ship's power grid.

So he had to invent something, that is, the light/electric hybrid bicycle. Its battery can be recharged with electricity or solar energy, and it can be folded.

3. The world's largest photovoltaic solar energy small ship

The Knierim Yacht shipyard in northern Germany has built the world's largest solar-powered small ship. The ship named Yacht is 31 meters long, 15 meters wide and 7.5 meters high, and it is covered with 500 square meters of solar panels.

The panels generate 103.4 kilowatts of electricity, and only 20 kilowatts of that can power the ship. Although it was designed to reach an average speed of nine miles per hour, it can top out at 17 miles per hour. The ship cost a total of 18 million euros.

4. Photovoltaic solar energy illuminated skull decoration

An illuminated skull decoration is a must for Halloween. Compared to the traditional method of installing a bolt or plugging a battery, the solar-illuminated skull decoration is a very convenient gizmo.

It has built-in solar panels and a rechargeable lithium battery to store the electricity generated by photovoltaic solar energy, so it can be hung outside all Halloween without charging.

It looked and felt like a real skull. It is made of rosin, so it is not afraid of any weather condition such as wind, frost, rain, and snow. This gadget will make your Halloween as enjoyable as it can be.

5. The world's smallest photovoltaic solar energy cinema

If you knew that movies are based on light and film, you might think showing a movie would be easy. In fact, the film industry is very energy-intensive. Just cooling the movie projector and flashing screen requires a lot of electricity.

The solar energy cinema from England has changed the situation. Described by its owner as "the world's smallest photovoltaic solar energy cinema", the tiny mobile cinema relies only on the solar energy collected by itself.

6. Photovoltaic solar energy refrigerator

In Namibia, Emily Cummins is known as "Miss Fridge". That's because she invented a solar-powered refrigerator to help poor Africans. The solar refrigerator works on two cylinders: a small one is inside a large one, with a metal inside and a wood or plastic outside.

The two cylinders are filled with sand, which is soaked with water during use. As the sun heat evaporates the water in the interlayer, the steam also takes heat away from the inner cylinder. This keeps the temperature in the inner cylinder at about 6 degrees Celsius.

In Africa, perishable foods such as milk and meat are in short supply because they last only a few days in areas where are hot and lack electricity. However, the invention of "Miss Fridge" improved the situation. We can imagine how much she has done for the African people.

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