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Features of Solar Power System

Photovoltaic power systems provide remarkable advantages such as environmental protection and minimal energy conversion connections, in addition to the economic and endless energy advantages.

Photovoltaic power systems do not pollute the environment in any way.

Solar energy, like wind and tidal energy and other clean energy sources, creates practically no pollution when used, and it is the ultimate alternative energy source for civilization due to its endless supplies. Because traditional fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) generate enormous amounts of poisonous and dangerous compounds during usage, they can pollute water, soil, and the atmosphere, causing the greenhouse effect and acid rain, which endangers human health and the living environment.

Currently, the carbon emissions of various power generating techniques, excluding upstream linkages, are 275g for coal, 204g for oil, 181g for natural gas, and 20g for wind power, with photovoltaic power generation emitting almost nil. Furthermore, throughout the power production process, no slag, waste material, waste water, or exhaust gas is released, and there is no noise, no hazardous compounds to humans, and no contamination of the environment.

The simplest and most direct conversion linkages are found in photovoltaic power systems.

Photovoltaic power generation turns solar radiation directly into electrical energy, making it the least indirect and most direct of all renewable energy sources in terms of energy conversion. In general, as the number of conversion links and the length of the conversion chain rises, the loss of energy increases geometrically, increasing the construction and operating expenses as well as the overall system's instability. Conversion efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cells is currently between 15 and 20 percent in practice, with the greatest laboratory level reaching 35 percent.

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