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How to Choose Solar Energy Products?

When choosing solar energy products, we should pay attention to the requirements of technical parameters and design compliance.

1. Requirements for technical parameters of solar energy products

Photovoltaic modules should be selected according to the type, nominal power, conversion efficiency, system voltage, temperature coefficient, module size and weight, power irradiance characteristics, attenuation rate, quality assurance, etc.

2. Requirements for design of solar energy products

In general, the type of components should be determined by technical and economic comparison based on solar radiation, climate characteristics, site area and other factors. When the reflective performance of the installation site is good, double-sided power generation components can be selected; photovoltaic arrays installed on light structure roofs and special-shaped roofs should be flexible photovoltaic modules. In large and medium-sized photovoltaic power stations, the intelligent serial bus boxes should be selected, and they should have intelligent monitoring and data communication functions. The protection level of the box or cabinet of the inverter and bus box installed outdoors meets the design requirements. The strength, stability and connection strength of the structure and components should be calculated according to the limit state of the bearing capacity of the photovoltaic bracket, which should meet the design requirements.

3. Design requirements for distributed and residential photovoltaic projects

For distributed photovoltaic and household photovoltaic projects, their application scenarios are particular compared with ground photovoltaic power stations, so solar energy products should be selected in a different way in the purchase. If there are problems such as the limited distributed PV roof space and difference shadows and orientations, it is suggested to choose more efficient product, and select photovoltaic inverter with multi-channel maximum power tracking optimization function. Then, choosing double-sided PV modules on flat roofs can also effectively improve power generation with the reflective media.

Due to the characteristics of distributed photovoltaic and household photovoltaic projects such as the scattered distribution, large capacity differences, non-uniform installation specifications, as well as inconvenient operation and maintenance, we should pay attention to the high reliability of equipment when choosing solar energy products, so as to ensure that the high equipment utilization rate and low failure rate; the maintenance-free design ensures long-term reliability; At the same time, it is required that the grid-connected photovoltaic inverter system (including related functional modules of the inverter) should have relevant intelligent technology capabilities and intelligent functions, such as online IV perception and detection, life cycle management, and remote service center APP.

Distributed photovoltaic projects have higher requirements for water resistance, sun protection and fire protection because they are exposed to the air or used as attachments. Therefore, in the purchase of the product, we should focus on whether it has a strong active protection function, whether it can meet the environmental tolerance under different climate conditions, and whether it can meet the use requirements in different application scenarios (such as industrial and commercial roof, household photovoltaic). For example, photovoltaic modules with potential induced attenuation resistance (PID) should be selected for photovoltaic projects working in humid and hot environment. Salt spray resistance performance of modules should also be considered in coastal areas. Wind load resistance characteristics of modules and installation systems should also be considered in areas with multiple typhoones. Photovoltaic inverters used in distributed photovoltaic and rooftop photovoltaic projects should be equipped with functions such as intelligent shutdown, automatic detection of arc pulling, and PID automatic repair.

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