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How to Match the Lithium Battery Pack in the Photovoltaic Storage System?

Solar photovoltaic storage system, is a more widely used energy storage system in the market today. In off-grid PV energy storage system, lithium battery pack is a very important component. So how to match the lithium battery pack? Let's take a look.

Ⅰ. Solar photovoltaic storage system: solar street lights

First determine the solar photovoltaic storage system voltage platform series.

Currently more PV energy storage system voltage platform is 12V series, especially off-grid energy storage system, like solar street lights, solar monitoring equipment storage system, small portable PV energy storage power supply and so on. The use of 12V series of solar photovoltaic storage system, most of them are within 300W power storage system.

1. Some PV energy storage systems of the low voltage

3V series, like solar emergency lights, solar small standard lights, etc.; 6V series, like solar lawn lights, solar signs, etc.; 9V series of photovoltaic storage systems are also many, between 6V and 12V, some solar street lights also have 9V. The use of 9V, 6V, 3V series of solar photovoltaic systems are basically small storage systems below 30W.

2. PV energy storage systems with some high voltage are.

24V series, like the soccer field solar lighting, medium-sized solar PV portable storage system, these storage systems are more powerful, will be about 500W; there are 36V, 48V series of photovoltaic storage system, the power will be larger, basically to more than 1000W, like home photovoltaic storage system, outdoor portable energy storage power, etc., the power will even be to about 5000W Of course, there are larger photovoltaic storage system, the voltage will be to 96V, 192V series, these special high-voltage photovoltaic storage system, basically large photovoltaic energy storage power plant.

Ⅱ. Home photovoltaic storage system

Li-ion battery pack capacity matching method.

In the field of science and technology products, the largest number of 12V series on the market, for example, to share the matching method of lithium battery pack.

At present, you can basically match from two aspects, one is the power supply time of the energy storage system to calculate the matching; the other is from the solar panel and charging sunshine time to match.

Let's start with the method of matching the lithium battery pack capacity according to the power supply time: for example, 12V series PV energy storage system, 50W power solar street light, need to have 10 hours of light time every day, also need to consider 3 rainy days can not be charged.

Then the calculation of lithium battery pack capacity can be: 50W * 10h * 3 days / 12V = 125Ah. we can match the 12V 125Ah lithium battery pack to match this PV energy storage system. The method of calculation is to divide the total number of watt hours needed for the street light by the platform voltage, of which in the case of cloudy and rainy days, where charging is not possible, it is necessary to consider increasing the corresponding spare capacity.

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