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Photovoltaic Solar Energy is Widely Used: Inventory "photovoltaic +" Mode

With the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry, the application fields of photovoltaic solar energy are becoming wider and wider, and new "photovoltaic +" models are emerging, such as photovoltaic + air conditioning, photovoltaic + heating, photovoltaic + transportation, photovoltaic + charging pile, etc.

The "Photovoltaic +" model has pointed out a new development path for the solar energy industry, which not only brings people a green environment, but also effectively utilizes land resources, and is more likely to bring hematopoietic ability to poor farmers.

1. Photovoltaic solar "photovoltaic + energy storage + charging pile" to create a diversified micro-grid system

In the past two years, the number of new energy vehicles has grown rapidly, and photovoltaic charging stations have also attracted much attention. They have been constructed and put into use in many regions.

"Photovoltaic + energy storage + charging pile" forms a diversified energy generation microgrid system. The charging station equipped with photovoltaic system can realize spontaneous self-use, surplus power storage, and the organic combination of "light, storage and charging", which is convenient for The use of electric vehicles realizes green energy supply and perfectly completes the conversion and use of energy.

2. Diversified application of photovoltaic solar energy "photovoltaic + transportation"

The application of photovoltaics in transportation is also common. China's Shanghai Hongqiao, Shanghai Pudong, Beijing Capital Airport, Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport and other airports have built photovoltaic projects; Qingdao Railway Station, Wuhan Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station and other railway stations have also been installed. Photovoltaic power generation project.

The "photovoltaic + transportation" installation mode is also very diverse. The above photovoltaic projects are not only built on the roof and the ground, but some are also installed on the curtain wall or even on the road.

3. Photovoltaic solar energy "photovoltaic + shopping mall" model diversification

IKEA, a well-known furniture and household goods company, has also signed an agreement to install photovoltaic power plants on the roofs of shopping malls in 13 cities in China. The total installed capacity of the project is about 10 MW, and it will drive the roofs of 67 supply chain companies to join together. Distributed rooftop photovoltaic power generation scheme.

The currently completed IKEA (Suzhou) shopping mall rooftop distributed photovoltaic power generation project has a total installed capacity of 407 kW, a maximum power of 350 watts, and a maximum efficiency of 17.93%. It can generate an average of 498,000 kWh of clean and safe solar green power every year.

4. Photovoltaic solar energy "photovoltaic + agriculture" realizes multiple uses in one place

Photovoltaic agricultural power station is a low-cost power generation project using agricultural land that combines photovoltaic power stations, agricultural production and breeding, and high-tech agricultural facilities.

In recent years, many rural areas have begun to explore the "photovoltaic + agriculture" development model, building eco-agricultural greenhouses under photovoltaic panels to achieve power generation, planting, and tourism in one place. "Photovoltaic + agriculture" not only promotes farmers' wealth and income, but also promotes the improvement of ecological environment quality.

5. Photovoltaic solar "photovoltaic + poverty alleviation" environmental protection poverty alleviation road

The combination of photovoltaic power generation and poverty alleviation has realized the transformation of poverty alleviation and development from "blood transfusion-based poverty alleviation" to "hematopoietic poverty alleviation", and created a new way of benefiting farmers in poverty alleviation, environmental protection and photovoltaic industry win-win.

At present, energy reform is imperative. These emerging solar energy application models will not only bring new development to the photovoltaic industry, but will also become the best way for photovoltaic solar energy to enter people's lives.

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