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Solar Ground Mount

Solarborn solar ground support installation of fixed photovoltaic support refers to a support system whose orientation and angle remain unchanged after installation. Our solar panel ground mounting systems can directly place solar photovoltaic modules toward low-latitude areas (at a certain angle to the ground), and form a solar photovoltaic array in series and parallel to achieve the purpose of solar photovoltaic power generation. There are many fixing methods, such as the ground fixing method including pile foundation method (direct embedding method), concrete block counterweight method, pre-embedded method, ground anchor method, etc.

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Wholesale Solar Ground Mount

Our solar stents are available in conventional models and can be purchased wholesale. If you own styles and models. Send us the model, size, material of the ground bracket you need, preferably with samples, so that we can make the product in a short time. 

How To Devise A Solar Ground Mount Strategy

Determine the environment of the project site, such as muddy soil, mountains, grasslands, deserts, and beaches. According to different environments, with anti-corrosion and structural strength as the main objectives, suitable materials are selected, design drawings are made, and ground support foundations are established.

Advantages Of Solar Ground Mount

1. You can install ground photovoltaic mounting systems and battery arrays almost wherever there is enough sunlight and available land.

2. Due to safety regulations and roof structure, there are more restrictions on installing photovoltaic systems on the roof.

3. The space for installing photovoltaic systems on the roof is limited. When you need to maintain the roof, you must remove the solar panels to perform repairs. 

How Big Are Ground Mounted Solar Panels?

Solar panels of any size are available, depending on the amount of power you need, but regular-sized solar panels are often cheaper than custom-made solar panels.

Solarborn is one of exceptional solar energy equipment suppliers with certification.
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No.1, Lane 97, Siming East Road, Yinjiang Town, Haishu District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province