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China's Energy Storage Policy Is Gradually Clear, And The Pre -table Market Is Expected To Accelerate

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-15      Origin: Site

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From the issuance of policies in various provinces, it can be seen that the development trend of energy storage storage

According to the provincial policy forms produced by ESS Infolink, we can see that there are fewer user -side energy storage policies. This is because mainland China is different from European countries that are more comprehensive in the development of energy storage such as Germany. At the stage, the energy storage application at this stage is more focused on avoiding the problem of abandoning light and renewable and renewable grid. There is no clear instruction policy for users' side energy storage.

In addition, the subsidy price of peak adjustment and frequency adjustment also has a scale limit. Generally, the capacity setting must be 10MW or above. Prices are subsidized, and profit benefits are not great. It is a demonstration subsidy policy.

Energy storage supporting facilities in various provincial power stations accounted for

We can see from the policy that mainland China has paid more attention to the development of energy storage. However, in addition to the central support attitude, 11 provinces have issued relevant policies for compulsory supporting energy storage. Under the atmosphere, the government clearly specifies the proportion of energy storage devices that landscapes must be installed to promote the stable development of energy storage, as follows:

China's energy storage 1

Energy storage demand is gradually clear

At present, the provincial score in the table below has a prescribed energy storage energy storage storage energy storage. According to the proportion of the power station size, the demand has exceeded 1GW. There will be more provincial scores in the future. The energy storage demand for power generation in mainland China will increase significantly. In addition, the promotion of policies also has a great influence. Whether the demand for energy storage in the next few years will develop in an optimistic direction.

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