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Wonderful Solar Energy Exhibition

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-25      Origin: Site

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Solar energy is often seen as the ultimate renewable energy source, with its potential to provide clean, affordable energy to communities all over the world. But for many people, solar energy can seem like a distant concept—a far-off technology well out of their reach. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our solar energy exhibition! These events brought together passionate individuals and experienced professionals from across the field of renewable energies, from researchers and inventors to policymakers and entrepreneurs. Our mission is to make solar power tangible—so that everyone can see what it has to offer, how it works, and how they can be part of this revolution. Read on for more information about what you'll find at our wonderful solar energy exhibition!

Solarborn First time show flexible solar panel in South America!

Solarborn First time show flexible solar panel in South America!

23-25th, August, 2022 Intersolar South America Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Solarborn, a manufacturer of flexible solar panels, made its debut in South America at the Solar Energy Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company's products are designed to be used in a variety of applications, including on rooftops, in vehicles, and in portable electronic devices. Solarborn's flexible solar panels are made from thin-film solar cells that are laminated onto a plastic substrate. The company says that its panels are more efficient than traditional silicon solar cells, and that they can be easily integrated into a variety of products.

Solarborn First time show in Colombia!

22-24th, September, 2022 Exposolar Colombia 2022 Location Medellin, Colombia

22-24th, September, 2022 Exposolar Colombia 2022 Location: Medellin, Colombia

This year's Solar Energy Exhibition was a wonderful event! We were excited to show our products for the first time in Colombia and to meet so many potential new customers. The response was overwhelming, and we are already planning to return next year!

Global Solarborn, take high efficiency products to Global.

3-5th June, 2021SNEC PV POWER EXPO

3-5th June, 2021SNEC PV POWER EXPO

As an emerging star in the global solar industry, Solarborn has been striving to provide high-quality and efficient solar products to customers all over the world. In line with this, we are thrilled to announce that we will be participating in the upcoming Global Solar Energy Exhibition!

This is a great opportunity for us to showcase our latest products and technologies to an international audience. We will be displaying a wide range of our high efficiency solar panels, inverters, and other products. We are confident that visitors will be impressed by the quality of our products and our commitment to providing sustainable energy solutions.

​Solarborn Technologies Co., LTD. can provide high -quality PV products and PV system project plans for surrounding users.
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