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Talking about Power Generation System

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-15      Origin: Site

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The system of power generation, as the name implies, is a system that does not rely on the national power grid. It is also called Li network solar power generation system. It is composed of solar panels, controllers, batteries and inverters.

It is not an exaggeration to compare the solar panel to the core of the power supply system. Its role is to use the photovoltaic effect to convert the light into electricity, and then store the electricity to the battery. The variants are used when the load is required, and the controller has the function of fully automatic control such as over -charging, over -loading, electronic short circuit, overload protection and anti -counterpart.

The application range of the network power generation system is very wide and the installation and use are relatively convenient. For areas without power grids or are currently outdooring, they can solve the problem of insufficient power supply. In life, it is mainly used in areas where the remote and not covered by the power grid is used to solve the living electricity problem of residents, as well as in emergency power supply. In addition, in the transportation field, automobile accessories, communication, aerospace, etc. There are also their figures.

In addition to the power generation power generation, there is also a difference called grid -connected power generation. The difference between power generation and network power generation is that the former does not need to rely on the state power grid, and the latter needs to be connected to the power grid. Because the power generation is needed, there is a battery because there is a storage of power storage. Existing, and the grid -connected battery does not require battery to provide power storage functions.

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