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What Is Photovoltaic Grid -connected Power Generation

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-15      Origin: Site

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The photovoltaic grid -grid power generation system is connected to the conventional power grid of the solar photovoltaic power generation system to jointly undertake power supply. When there is a sunlight, the inverter inverts the DC electricity sent by the photovoltaic system into a sine AC power. The AC power generated can directly supply the AC load, and then enter the remaining power into the power grid, or directly incorporate the generated energy to the grid. When there is no sun, the load power is supplied by the grid.

Because the power grid is directly input into the power grid, the battery in the photovoltaic independent system is completely replaced by the power grid in the photovoltaic grid -grid system. The deployment of the battery is removed, eliminating the process of storage and release of the battery, which can make full use of the power issued by the photovoltaic arrays, thereby reducing the energy loss of energy and reducing the system cost. However, a dedicated grid -connected inverter requires the output to ensure the power grid's requirements for the power grid on the performance indicators such as voltage and frequency. The inverter also controls the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) of the photovoltaic arrays, and the waveform and power of the grid -connected current to control the power transmitted to the power grid and the maximum power power emitted by the photovoltaic array. This system can usually use the municipal and solar photovoltaic systems as a power supply for local AC loads, which reduces the load disconnection rate of the entire system. In addition, the grid -connected photovoltaic system can also play a role in adjusting the public grid. Solar photovoltaic power generation enters the road of large -scale commercialization is the only way, that is, the solar photovoltaic system is connected to the conventional power grid to achieve connected power generation. Compared with the solar photovoltaic power station running independently, it can bring many benefits to photovoltaic power generation, and can summarize the following points:

1. Save the battery as energy storage;

2. With the continuous progress of the inverter manufacturing technology, the stability and reliability of the inverter will be more complete in the future;

3. The photovoltaic arrays can always run at the maximum power point. The power grid is used to accept all the electric energy sent by solar energy, which improves the efficiency of solar power generation;

4. The power grid has obtained the income. The dispersed photovoltaic system can provide electrical energy for local users, alleviating the transmission and distribution burden of the power grid;

5. The perfect combination of photovoltaic components and architecture can be used as a power generation and can be used as architectural materials and decorative materials.

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